texas & north carolina

I specialize in the real life moments, the candids, the "God, I LOVE my horse" moments where you forget I'm even there.

I'm... imperfect.

I never learned what contouring makeup meant, I've been wearing the same five t-shirts for like seven years, I can't get out to the barn as much as I feel I should, and I'm on a permanent journey to figure out how to actually like what I look like in photos.

If you're like "omg same" then we're friends now and you are in the right place because I work with weirdos like us all the time. I've figured out how to get you the kind of photos you immediately change your profile picture to. Better, even... the kind of photos you want to put on your wall. 

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I'm Leigh

It took 25 years on this earth to get a picture I truly loved of myself.