You want horse and rider shots in addition to black or white backgrounds of your horse.

You've never felt super confident in front of the camera so you avoid it every chance you get.

When you do find a picture of yourself you can tolerate, it's usually one of a more candid nature.

You don't have much interest in the glamour of it, you just know you love your horse and this part of your life is important and it should be captured.

Perfect for you if:



apr 2024

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I do regularly travel outside of North Carolina for trips, often without any additional fee, so if you are interested in a session outside of NC, please still feel free to contact me!

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kind words from my lovely clients...

"She doesn’t try to make you look like someone who you aren’t. There is no awkward posing, the entire shoot was fun and relaxing..."

– Kendal K. (Boerne, TX)

She always takes the time to get to know her clients and what they want with their pictures. Leigh has done several photo shoots of mine, and every one she has captured the moment perfectly.

– Audrey T. (Boerne, TX)


You don't do this often, so let's make the most of it.

First, I'll get to know you and your story.

I want to know all the little details so I know what to capture. If you tell me your best day ever involves your horse and a book, then let's go hang out in a field and take some chill pictures with your pony and your favorite books.

I'll help you craft a session that feels like you based on the details I can get from you and your goals. By the time we get to your session, you and I are pretty familiar with each other so I don't feel like some stranger with a camera.


After the session, we'll figure out what to do with your images.

Have you ever gotten a bunch of images that you love but just sort of end up hanging out in some folder on your computer and the few that you really really loved maybe pop up on your Facebook memories but that's about it?

After your session with Leigh Fields Photography, we'll hop on a Zoom call and sort your images into categories together until we have those few really really loved images picked out. Then, I'll guide you on how they may best be used.

If you're a senior, you may want an album to carry this chapter of your life with you off to school, or for your Mom to have on her coffee table when she's missing you.

If you're someone who's waited all your life for the special horse you have now, maybe we find a special spot on your wall to put a portrait. I'll help you visualize what that might look like and guide you on what materials would be best based on your home decor, your budget, and the image itself. 


After some Photoshop magic, your order will arrive on your doorstep ready to hang.

While (technically) the images themselves are not included in your session fee, a $500 print credit is included, which is applicable for anything from five digitals to – more commonly – an actual material version of your images such as a canvas, framed print, or album.

While you are in no way expected to spend more than your credit, most folks will invest an average of $5,000 on their images between the session fee, purchasing an album, canvases, etc.

Your budget is something we'll chat about early on so we can get on the same page. If you tell me your budget is likely just the print credit, then we won't spend too much time planning out something like an album which isn't quite in that budget.

Professional, skilled, Photoshop magic is included at no extra cost to your order to ensure your photos are perfect. Don't stress about the pimples, the scars, the slobber, the background distractions, the one ear back, I've got you!

Why choose Leigh Fields Photography?



However long we have the golden hour for (and your horse's patience, ha).

How long are the sessions?

Nope! If you want black backgrounds, then I'll show up a bit before the golden hour starts to make sure we have enough time for them.

Are black backgrounds extra?

Sure! I usually recommend keeping it to 1-2 to avoid wasting any of that precious golden hour.

Can I do multiple outfits?

Your session fee includes a $500 print credit which can be applied to anything you'd like. Most folks invest in an album with 25 of their images for $2,500 with their print credit. Others invest quite a bit more, and a few will invest only their print credit and bit more to get a few digitals. 

How much are the images?

I like to get to know you a bit first to make sure we're a good fit before you book, so go ahead and schedule a pressure-free information phone call with me here. 

How do I book a session?

I usually recommend we keep our session to 1-2 horses because we'll shoot during the golden hour which tends to be fleeting.

Do I need multiple sessions for multiple horses?

Yes! Branding photography has the exact same prices and process as a "normal" session, so we can mix and match what we do a little bit.

Do you do branding photography?

I promise, I'll take care of you.

schedule A PRESSURE-FREE information call